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V36413 scrubber

Anyone own this and have trouble keeping it on ? It is a decent scrubber but I can not keep it on as it 's vibrations make the 'easy' on/off button shut off. I have to hold or push it on constantly. Defeats the purpose of avoiding hand scrubbing so as not to have pain in my hands and wrists.


I have seen where a lot of buyers say it doesn't hold it's charge , but I think the problem is as above. I just wish I had a solution. Not worth sending back to me.

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Re: V36413 scrubber

I dont have it but I did go look at it and read the reviews.  I think you should send it back as defective and I think you get the shipping charges back.  If this product is as bad as it seems they need to be aware of the problem.


Its seems like a good concept too bad it did not work for you.

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Re: V36413 scrubber

@okaywitheasypay - I don't have the specific model you're referencing, but I do have a very similar scrubber; I've found that the the less pressure you use, the more likely the heads are to keep rotating. The process definitely took some getting used to because I had been hand scrubbing vigorously for so many years and my brain wasn't grasping the concept that the machine was doing extra scrubbing so I no longer needed to push as hard. Sometimes a slight change in the angle you're using to apply the brush head to the surface can also help to avoid triggering the shutoff mechanism. Good luck!

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Re: V36413 scrubber

Someone recommended a scrubber in a post a couple days ago that looks similar to this scrubber and it was made by Drexel.  Maybe you could return this one and try the one by Drexel (I don’t believe it is carried by the Q though).