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I like it except for the color.

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Very clever!

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I don't like it at looks like exactly what it is and the 2 just don't go together IMO.

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The mantel, itself, offers some pretty woodwork... Don't care much for the color or the items atop it. The current use also falls flat for me... I guess the concept of a wine rack slash fire place isn't on my to do list...

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Very creative. I don’t need a place for wine but if I had a place for this it’s a good way to repurpose. I would put shelves in it and use it for books in the den or for towels in the bathroom, pillows and throws in a bedroom or living room or maybe fold my jeans and tee shirts, or sweaters for in the bedroom. But I don’t have the space.
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Too many big, clunky items on top. 

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Very clever!  Wish I was so handy.

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Clever idea if this is in a kitchen or dining room.  However, I don't care for the painting on top of it;  too busy.

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Cool!  I like it!

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It's creative.....I'll give it that!!

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