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It's made from bottle caps and pull tabs from aluminum cans.


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I want one.


I am definitely showing my husband this and telling him to put those beer bottle caps and beer can tabs to good use!! 😂



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Re: Upcycled Fish Art

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I want one, too!    (Although I already have a fish sculpture in my LR, AND a giant framed "fish" poster from the Waikiki Aquarium)

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I have a couple of large aquariums with tropical fish and colorful tropical fish wall art, so that would fit right in at my house!

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I will take two of these. How creative is this? Love it. 

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That is a great fish!Woman Very Happy

So much fun to look at!

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@lolakimono  Isn't it amazing how some people have the artistic eye to see a treasure out of discarded items.  I always find it fascinating!

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Perfect for our Tiki Bar. I love it.

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I like it.