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Silly looking.

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Very Marie Antoinette 

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I love the bed but wouldn't want a chandelier hanging over my bed.

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love it !  Very glamorous ,  although wouldn't have in my house DH wouldn't sleep in a bedroom styled this way lol.   I would take off the canopy ,  do love  the chandelier !!!

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Definitely not!

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Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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I just remembered a funny family story. My daughter and family moved to Orlando in 2001. My granddaughter was close to four at the time. In her bedroom was decor just like the photo in the original post. The head of the bed had the same stuff as that photo. My daughter hated it. My granddaughter loved it. She said now she could have a princess bedroom. The decor stayed until my granddaughter outgrew the princess routine.

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Way too girly grandiose for my taste....and the shade of pink is awful!

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Lol, are we regressing to our 'fairy princess' days? Lol, nothing in this room I like. At first glance I thought maybe the floor, but it look plastic-y, so nope on that too.
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