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Too big for the room but I love the colors.

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I don't like canopy beds. I had one all through childhood till I was in my late teens so I guess I am all canopied out.

I do like the turquoise and coral colors but there is just too much of it.

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I like the color scheme and the shutters on the windows but everything else is not appealing to me.

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That is really pretty- a room fit for a princess!Smiley Happy

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Re: Turquoise Canopy Bed

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@lolakimono  I love looking at all your decor !!!!! Just wanted u 2 know

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To much fru fru in a small area to work well. Someone needs to learn to make the bed before staging a room!

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Making that bed must have been a problem since you can only do it from one side.  Being pushed up against the window makes it look cramped.  Too big of a look in a room too small for it.

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It's difficult critiquing designs and colors others might like.  But, here goes...I think this is poorly done.  Too much conflicting stuff going on here.  The eye doesn't know what to focus on first.


The thin wimpy open headboard is lost under that heavy canopy. To me, the turquoise canopy along with its fringe is overwhelming.


As for the colors, I'm a bit prejudiced, only like turquoise in jewelry.


IMO, there isn't anything in this room worthy of good design except the windows and flowers.

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I could easily see this bedroom as a set in the S*x in the City #2 movie.


Here's the Honeymoon Suite where Carrie escaped the world.


Image result for carrie's honeymoon suite sex in the city movie #2