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Re: Traditional Napa Home

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I guess 'traditional' has evolved a very broad definition but this is not traditional to me. At all. It's not a dreadful room, but aside from the wood stacked fire place (and really, we're seeing so much of this and what is the point...) it smacks almost of a waiting room atmosphere to me. 

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The room doesn’t say Napa to me.

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I like this and love the color scheme but it doesn't say Napa to me.

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It would have to be a room not used — look but do not touch or sit!

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Not my taste at all.

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Re: Traditional Napa Home

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This was odd.  Why did they say Napa?  I have been through Napa all my life, I have two friends who live there now, I spent time there a year ago at for the Napa film Festival.    This does not say Napa to me at all, more like 1970-2010 Malibu.  Napa is an old town, also a very arty town. Lots of ranches in the outskirts.  I cant imagine this room, as lovely as it is speaking of Napa.  Did they mean something  else?  Just saying.

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Just lovely!

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Cold, stark, modern, and white -- what's traditional about it?

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Kind of beachy.  Looks to me to be a room designed for discussion or entertaining, not one I'd want to come home to sink into.  Furniture with metal arms very uninviting.  


No warmth here with mostly white furniture, rugs, walls and window coverings, even with orange and touches of blue.


I'd drag it all out and replace with something else.  While I like the wooden beams, the fireplace with a different facing such as stone, and with different decor and color this room could be made to look very cozy.  



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I don't dislike this just evokes upscale waiting room, just missing the Architectural Digest on the glass table.