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Re: The House with the Foyer...

@chiclets wrote:

a comfy soft fabric.



I stand corrected. Yes, pianos are for players of them and not just used as decor.

I have a friend who has a white piano in her living room, no one plays it, she has it because she likes the appearance of one in the room, as such, I concluded it might being used as decor.

It seems as though you really enjoy your piano.

@chiclets Ha!  My mother beat me for 12 years and made me take lessons (not really but I always tell people that in front of her).  I thought about music as a major but decided against it.  


The cat was my biggest fan, and always sat on top of the piano when I was playing!  When I went to college and wasn't home, at night he would walk up and down the keys--paying my mother back for beating me and making me practice I would say!  LOL!!! And that's the rest of the story!  

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Re: The House with the Foyer...

Love the colors and the furnishings. Beautiful home. 

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Re: The House with the Foyer...

Absolutely gorgeous!  Somebody has great taste!