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I posted this picture quite some time ago and just ran across it again. It is one of my favorites so before I go to bed I thought I would post it again for the new people here and for you night owls. Enjoy and sweet dreams.
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I just want to be there!


Cozy fire, nice light, lots of books. Sounds perfect for this frigid winter night!

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I love to read and this nook calls to me!!!!  It is lovely, comfortable looking and so appealing.  A big yes for me!!!

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The puppy is adorable.  I also like the pictures about the mantle. 

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I can see why you like this. It's very comfortable and welcoming, esp the Dog waiting to say hello.

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I'd switch the chair out for a recliner.  Then I'd never leave.  LOL!  

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I need my reading lamp behind my shoulder........

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What a inviting place to read. Love the horse paintings.


Thanks @Jubilant 

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The furniture is not my style but somehow I love this room 😉

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The furniture is not really practical for snuggling in and relaxing reading for me - too staged and formal!!  I could not sit for long and read in those straight backed chairs with my feet on the floor.