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The stone in your top photo I have around the gas fireplace in my living room at the lakehouse I bought 2 years ago. It goes from floor to ceiling and if I have the fireplace on for more than an hour it ends up feeling very hot right above the vent. I worry about it coming loose since I have no idea how it's attached and if there is insulation behind it. Probably not. I love the looks of it, but not sure how practical it is in my case.

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Stone masonry is my favorite. Thanks for sharing. 

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I love the look with or without the look of the mortar but probably prefer it without.  These are some really beautiful uses of it that you've posted.  Thanks so much!

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Love all of the stone looks in gray stone.


I don't like yellow stone.


Our fireplace is dry stacked.







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I like the look of stone.

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This type of stone veneer is regaining popularity in our area. I don't care for the square-cut, mortared look that resembles bricks. I do like the dry stacked style. DD wants to use it on a bathroom wall she is does it hold up when it gets wet? Can it be sealed or anything? Stone is porous so there should be some way to make it work without staining or moving. 

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My choice is real, dry stacked stone, but I agree the faux has come a long way and because of cost and I had that sort of project in mind, i could go with faux.

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@cantdrive55,   some of the images were from "Horizon Stone",  some from "Penn Stone".    Another company, "Kafka Granite" had some really neat pictures of their projects on their site.  Happy looking! 


I agree with posters who note that it's good to research what applications will work in some areas, and which ones could be problematic.  Always good to know what works best.


@ECBG,  your fireplace brings such a warm, cozy look to the room!

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Love it!..our gas fireplace is done in dry stack. It is 18' from floor to ceiling.

It is now 11 years old and we have never had a problem. 

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I have a stacked stone fireplace (real stone; not veneer, not cement).  Based on the look he gave me, I know the mason would have preferred the regular mortar type job, but I wanted as little mortar as possible.


Here is an older photo that I believe I have posted here before:


Resized Fireplace.jpg


(I think I may have been between decorating seasons which is why the mantel looks a little sparse.  LOL)