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I like this room, even the ceiling light! 

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@stevieb wrote:

@just bee  I love green and in this instance it's such a fresh, true green. Love it. Probably there with you on the lamps. Didn't much notice them out of the gate, but not loving them, or, as I later added, the night table. The biggest problem with the fabrics is there seems to be a total disconnect between them. There needs to be better combination between the bed, the bedding and pillows and the widow coverings. They all have appeal but they don't blend very well. The ceiling fixture is downright scary.



I'm with you on that and those night tables.  And I don't think I'd sleep very well with the giant sea creature over my head.

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I agree with @stevieb about the ceiling lamp and night table but, other than that, I love this room.  I've never liked green, but this room makes me change my mind.  That bed is beautiful; I love everything about it and would love to sleep in it right now!

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This bedroom is pretty.  Nice & bright, cheery.  The colors go well together however the print on the headboard/sides is way too busy for me.  I love the quilt though & the flowy curtains.  That ceiling light would definitely get tossed.

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No to that bed, no to the side table and lamp.  Need a different bed.  The blue bed linens are fine if there is some blue in the draperys.  Who decorated this?  The light fixture needs to change to a nice chandelier.  Now that I rearranged the whole bedroom -- it looks good,  LOL

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@Katcat1  That ceiling light is very unusual to say the least.  I wondered about it, too.  I was thinking I would probably change it out for something else.  I zoomed that picture to 500% and the lights all look small.  I can't help but wonder if it reflects a moon and star kind of vibe at night.  I agree that it doesn't do much for that room in daylight.  It would be interesting to see what it looks like lit up at night.

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Too many different prints going on.

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It's a no for me.  I'm not a fan of green used in decor nor do I like nature prints.  

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The room is just ok to me. The Side table needs to go, along with the bed skirt, the headboard is fine, but not both in that same pattern-too much for me....I also don't care for the light fixture! I would also need to replace the quilt with a nice fluffy comforter!  

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I like the color used but not the print on the headboard, drapes, or bedskirt.

I would go with solid off white.

I kind of like the light fixture but the nightstand is not for me.

The coverlet is fine for the warmer months..,it's not too busy so I like it.