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I ordered the Sunbeam heating pad (for the neck and back).  I pulled it out of the box and it had a very strong "chlorine-like" smell? I have aired it out for a few days but it still smells very strong. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it went away?

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Re: Sunbeam heating pad smell?

No I haven't. That's kind of creepy, or off-putting to say the least! I have ordered one from QVC before and didn't have that smell. Have also gotten them from the drug stores and have not had that smell. I wonder if its from the bag they packed it in. And all the ones I have are Sunbeem.

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Re: Sunbeam heating pad smell?

I have two of the sunbeam heating pads....the one you have and the longer one ....the one like yours has a bit of a smell but I only notice the smell when I sniff it...its laying beside me now and I do not notice the odor at all....


The other one has no odor at all...not even up close...