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I am looking for recommendations for both a floor steam cleaner and also a hand held steamer. I have been using a Haan floor steamer but it just died after 4 years of use. Thank you in advance for recommendations on ones you have had good luck with.

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Based on my experience with floor steamers, I think 4 years from a Haan is a good thing. I was given a used Dirt Devil steamer by my SIL who bought it thinking she could use it on her laminate flooring. While I have laminate flooring, I also have an equal amount of ceramic tile, so I gave that Dirt Devil a real workout out every week. It died in January after 3 years of steady use, and I thought that was about right for a $50 steamer. I have since ordered another one just like it.

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I have a Hahn steamer and a variety of floor surfaces. (ceramic, marble, laminate, hardwood and carpet. I also have dogs and family. This steamer gets a workout and I swear by it. Mine is an older version. I think one of the first slim lines that came out. There is a newer version that the center lifts out to do counter tops, etc. I have my eye on that one for just the shear convenience of the tool.

I also have the portable steamer that was sold years ago to do surface cleaning in the kitchen, bath, etc. It's great. That thing has got to be 10+ years old. Still works great. It isn't as heavy as what it looks like it would be. I use that for my seasonal cleaning or if I have a really tough job.

It's all in what type of cleaning jobs you have and want your budget will tolerate. I've never been disappointed with the Hahn.

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I use a Shark floor steamer and I love it.

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I also use a Shark steamer & LOVE it!!

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I have a Shark steamer too. I just use it in my bathrooms on ceramic tile but finds it works great!

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I wouldn't buy the H2O mop (on HSN and infomercials).

The handle doesn't feel sturdy. Mine broke where the handle fits into the base. Little plastic pieces kept coming out from within there. It started to fall apart rather quickly. Very disappointing. It still works, but doesn't swivel very well.

I like that it can separate into a carry-around steamer and floor mop. I don't feel that it gets hot enough, although it does well on floors. It didn't get oven grime off.

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I have a shark as well, but after 2 years its not steaming as well( did originally love it) why not not stick with haan if you liked it. Four years is a good length of time.
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359-669 Polti Vaporetto Focus 2 in 1 Steam Mop

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I really like my Wagoner canister steam cleaner.