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Does it work in this space?

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If not here,  Where?  Although I don't think a man sleeps in that bed.  Woman LOL

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Yes it works for this area. Love the subdued colors.

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I love what it does for this room, that would otherwise be a long oddly shaped space. Gives it a coziness yet still allowing light and brightness.Beautiful !

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Totally works.  Lovely.

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I like it and find it a great way to divide the room without using floor space.

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@lolakimono  Yes, the archway works in this space.  It is absolutely beautiful and if you look around, it fits in with all of its surroundings.  Very peaceful.

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it gives the sleeping space definition.  I can image looking up from the bed gazing at sunlight dancing off stained glass.  Enchanting!

Equally amazing is the fireplace facade design.  

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Love it! I want it!

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