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@lolakimono  Thank you for the rest of the picks. Ewwwwwwww!  🤣

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Guess Joanna & Chip didn't get the call to reno this one.

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Re: Staged to Sell

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@lolakimono  Thanks for the pictures of the interior. It's far worse than imagined.


Don't think I've ever seen a house with paneling in every room (even the bathroom!). Those ceilings have me concerned. Wonder if they have asbestos in them? And what kind of heating has round air vents in each ceiling? Looks like it's probably a slab home since the washer is in the kitchen.


My heart goes out to the neighbors. Wonder how long they've had to look at the mess. 


Still think someone could buy it for a lot less than the asking price, gut it and completely re-do the entire mechanical systems and living quarters. Although I have no idea what living in Waco, TX offers anyone as far as employment opportunities.

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This is probably one of the more "interesting" for sale ads that I have seen.  I originally found the picture because of the dinosaur, and I thought perhaps this is one of the new marketing gimmicks that I have heard real estate agents are using to bring in younger buyers.


When I saw the rest of the house, I thought that the outside "personality" didn't quite match the inside.


Regardless of taste or finances, the one thing that speaks to me is that this house is NOT CLEAN.  I understand that sometimes people get into a money pit and then they become upside down on their mortgage, but at a minimum, one can deep clean and put stuff away.  This house to me says "I give up."  I can't imagine using those bathrooms.  If this is their "game day", what does the house look like when it's not being staged to sell? Cat Surprised

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I just laughed out loud when I saw this Smiley Happy


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Must be a Texas thing there was one last July in Granbury Texas to help boost the sale of the home.  Photos of the dino inside peering into the fridge as well.

Dinosaur Mowing Lawn - Dinosaur Home Listing

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Yes, I think it is staged to sell.   The dinosaur outside reflects the ancient interior so the buyer knows before walking in the door this house needs major dollars invested in the upgrade.   

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I can only imagine what's on the inside.....Perhaps live Raptors looking for a meal...!!!!!!

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