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Hello. I may be selling my home. What are your thoughts on having a home professionally staged? Is it worth it? Or should I spend about $1500-$2000 myself and update the rugs etc.? My home is a little above median price for my area. The home is about 15 yrs old.....recently repainted on the inside. All tile floors so no carpet but I could use new rugs. I am on a tight budget so I don't know if spending the extra money is worth it. Thank you for suggestions. 😊
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No one here knows what your house's interior looks like, so it would be difficult to call.  Your house may be perfect the way it is right now.  Why not consult with a realtor don't have to sign a contract to have them look at it and give you suggestions.

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My sister is putting theirs on the market. The realtor is having them make changes — lighten up the inside, take down darker window coverings, take down certain pictures, etc. I would think the realtor will help you.

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Thank you!
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I agree with consulting a realtor first.  Plus it depends on the housing market in your area.  If it's "hot" no need to do anything extreme, it will sell itself.  If your area is less deisrable, then it may be necessary to go with professionals.  Personally, I always like to see a place when it's empty and easier to see any problems that might exist.



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I don’t think you need to spend the money and have it professionally done. Just declutter the house and move into storage any excess furniture that makes the room look to small.

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If your rugs are looking a little old I might replace them but nothing super expensive.

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My late husband and our business partner did this all of the time.


My husband was an investor.  He and a business partner built developments and in those developments, they'd build houses here and there.


We also buy and fix up other houses.  No one would be living in them.


In Florida my business partner kept in storage furniture she'd use for staging.


Here in Va/Md and DC where we live and also buy and sell houses, my late husband would rent rooms of furniture and one of the people who worked for him staged the houses.


It wasn't cheap but it was money well spent.  It's the same thing as when you go into a brand new house and you know no one lives in the house and it's amazing!  That house has been staged.


It is like night and day on if you will sell the house.  People want to be able to envision THEIR OWN family living there.


If you leave your own furniture in it.  You shouldn't have a lot of personal pictures around.  It makes it easier to sell the house if they can imagine their own family in it.


More important than anything...the house must be spotless.  Everyone looks for that!


An empty house is boring, cold looking and just doesn't invite a person in.


That's a good price for renting furniture if it's a good size house.  I assume you've called around and checked out the furniture.


I will admit I have no talent in staging houses.  My late husband was amazing and had great taste.  I was lucky he married me...Ha!

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Our last house we did no staging at all.Did not even remove one photograph. We cleaned - period.Had the carpets steam cleaned , washed & ironed curtains. Washed bedspreads, pretty much gave it a through spring cleaning. It sold in 9 days for asking price.

The home I live in now is for sale. The realtor had someone come in and stage it. I think it looks cold and ugly how they have it. It's been on the market 2 months and hasn't sold. we've even lowered the price twice.

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@SadieRae  I'm a Realtor.  I can't give you a good answer without seeing your home, but I can offer some suggestions.  First thought... don't spend the money on staging.  BUT, again, I haven't seen your home or what you have in it.  


You say it's painted.  Most of the rooms, and especially the larger living spaces, should be a neutral color.  An accent wall is okay.  But, I'd stay away from a lot of dark colors.  LIGHT AND BRIGHT houses are more attractive to buyers.


Be sure to remove clutter.  Keep some accent pieces and art work, but don't have too much on the floors, counters, furniture, or walls.  Remove excessive family photos.  Clean out the closets!  Rent a storage unit if you have to.


Arrange the furniture in ways that showcase (and maximize) the size of the space.  Look at the flow within a room ... easy pathways within each room, and from room to room.  You don't want the house to feel choppy.  If you don't have a good eye for staging, ask your friends for their honest opinions.  Also, ask a Realtor or two.


If were were planning to get new area rugs, and can use them in your new home, by all means, get them now.  If you're only purchasing them for staging, skip it.  


You want the house to be crisp..... looking clean, well maintained, and cared for.  If things are broken or shabby, fix them now.  


It's good if there is something in the house that buyers will love.  Maybe it's the floor plan or the view.  Maybe its an updated kitchen or bath.  Or, components thereof.  Newer appliances or a nice backsplash and/or new sink, perhaps.  


If nothing has been updated in the past 15 years, it could read "OLD" to buyers.  Look at listings of other homes in your area to see what the competition is (realtor . com, zillow, trulia, etc.)


I hope that helps!

Good luck!