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Floral is not my choice for our bedroom but they are both pretty.

I do change my comforter to a coverlet in late Spring and Summer.

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No to number one photo and a big YES too number two photo (very lovely room).

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They are to pale looking for me, I need some bold colors.

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agreed @amyb if you have them, use them! I find it fun to change things out so I figure why not. 


all of it has to be taken off to be washed anyway, so may as well make a change while doing it.

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So airy and pretty, @wilma --  it is refreshing just looking at both of them.  Great choices for spring looks!


When the first snow drops and crocuses appear outside, I love to bring out thinner, lighter quilts and coverlets in similar, soft sherbet-like colors, that I layer with crisp ivory sheets...