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On 4/21/2014 DogLvr said:
On 4/21/2014 twopeas said:

I almost bought one, but the handle seems wobbly and didn't look like it would be firm if you wanted to really scrub a spot. For those that have one, is the handle sturdy?

The problem most people have is remembering where to hold the spin mop when it is spinning in the bucket. Most people hold it on the top of the stick which is incorrect. You must hold it in the center where the plastic spins when the mop spins. If you hold the mop at the top of the stick, the mop stick will become detached from the mop head when it spins in the bucket. This does take a bit of time to remember where to hold the mop but after you do it, the mop works well.

I used to clean my mop in the laundry sink after each cleaning area. The bucket keeps the mop cleaner. I often change the water when cleaning the ceramic floors in my home. You can dump the dirty water in the toilet or spill the water outside down a drain.

When I use the carpet cleaner I spill the dirty water down the toilet.

The bucket when filled is still heavy and might be difficult for some so perhaps if there was someone around when you needed to fill and change the water, that would be great.

Very good explanation. I learned the hard way & detached it several times. Since then, no problems & I've had mine for two years. I love this thing & use the kitchen sink to fill mine & the back door to empty it.

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I dump mine outside.

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Slightly O/T: They are available at the local Targets for at least 1.5 years now. They are even available at a lot of the Asian supermarket I frequent. Similar price, or maybe even a dollar or two less than shopping on here, HSN, or even ShopHQ.