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Speaking of homes............

Are you a camper?  

Sometimes need to use the multi showers at camp grounds.  Sometimes need to use out houses?  Sleep in tents (air cushions on the ground).


If not now, were you ever a camper?  Did you ever stay in rustic cabins?  



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Re: Speaking of homes............

Back in the seventies camping in a tent and sleeping in sleeping bags was fun but now my idea of camping is in our one bedroom condo on wheels. I prefer the comforts of home as I sit in a lawn chair by the creek. I like having an indoor bathroom with full shower!

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Re: Speaking of homes............

Growing up our family always used a camper staying at campgrounds whenever we traveled.  After I married I rarely went camping.  The most rustic camping I did though was after I was married with my daughter at Girl Scout camp. We slept in tents and used outhouses and showers that were open to the sky (I was always worried a plane would fly over).  But times were different many years ago and I’m sure they have put roofs on the shower buildings now. 

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Re: Speaking of homes............

I love camping, love the woods and the outdoors away from the city.


I have camped in a tent using the common areas for bathroom/shower but we were very choosy where we stayed.


I also own a couple of camping trailers but I'm single now and not in great health so I've given up that lifestyle.   We had it parked on some property on a lake and loved the lifestyle and "neighbors"


There is a very nice state park about 10 miles from me with a beautiful campground and other buildings, restaurant, etc.    Most of the campers are local, it's a very tight, friendly community.


When the kids were little, several times a year we would stay at a "cabin" on the river in north Alabama.    I need to re-start that tradition for the grandkids.    


Here's a picture of the "cabin"


wheeler cabin.jpg

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Re: Speaking of homes............

My idea of camping out is the local motel. I need a clean bed, bathroom and shower. 

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Re: Speaking of homes............

I remember one of my aunt’s still had a usable outhouse the the chicken yard. This was in the country and no neighbors and as a kid it was no big deal. The late 50s. We slept on screened in porches out in the country that’s my camping experience.

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Re: Speaking of homes............

No, we are not big on camping, but my in laws have a camper, and they spend a lot of time at a state park about 30 minutes from us. We go and visit, its very nice. They have a camper and boat they take over there.

I'm so glad they are healthy enough to really enjoy their retirement.


We have stayed in cabins when we were vacationing out west. Loved that. Some of those were rustic.

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Re: Speaking of homes............

Right before 7th grade, my family bought travel trailers (we bought one and my grandparents had another), and we traveled from Ohio, down through the southwest to California, then back through the north. We were gone for six weeks, and this was in the early 70's. It was quite an adventure, including the expected car break downs, and both kids getting chicken pox just as the trip was well underway. We simply kept going, and had a wonderful summer.


We stayed in campgrounds and often used the public showers and facilities as trailers back then weren't as fancy or big as today. 


I've camped in our old van at primitive sites around here where there is nothing but old fashioned out houses and a community pump for water. 


We haven't camped in a long time, as we live in the country, with pond, woods etc. and we get all the nature we want. 


Still, I'd like to take a motorhome or trailer across country again some day. So much to see!

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Re: Speaking of homes............

I went to Girl Scout camp when I was a kid. We slept in tents with wooden floors and cots with mattresses. 


Now my idea of roughing it is a Hampton Inn with a non-functioning hot tub. I love being outdoors, but I want my creature comforts. 

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Re: Speaking of homes............

We camped a lot when the kids were young and we loved it.   Always in a tent using outhouses and their showers.  It was great fun at the time but now I have no interest in it to speak of.   The kids are in their 30's, out of the house, so my DH and I take much more elaborate trips.....Though I have to say I wouldn't trade those days for anything.