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I like it. The colors on the tiles work well together. It wouldn’t work in my home though.

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I don’t care for it at all.


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Gorgeous tile wall...very well done.  Everything goes together, the floor, door, light, curved ceiling and wood door frame.  Sink looks interesting what can be seen of it.  


Striking powder room.



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Like it.

I would not put anything in that corner where the small round table is though.


Like the floor tile, the lighting fixture, and the door.

(Actually, I will take that door, thank you.)

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It's very pretty.

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I usually don't like busy tile work, but I like this a powder room a lot.

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I like it. The colors are beautiful and complimented by the wall color. Sometimes going big is the best thing for a tiny space.
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very pretty, but needs a larger area, I think.  

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I like this space.