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It's kind of cluttered but I like it...

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Oh my, I don't care for the decor at all. I would much prefer to see it decorated in a romantic style. 

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@Kachina624   Yes been to Animas Forks many’s a pic of the downtown area for those who aren’t from Wikipedia....DW



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The room itself in nice but the decor looks very dated and cheap to me.

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I like a few individal items but, overall, this is not my style and it's definitely too cluttered.
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Actually, I was prepared for something else, like the oxymoron the title implies  ... sort of mish mash ... stuff brought in from other rooms ... that sort of thing.


It's not so bad ... a little too obvious, maybe.

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Not my style or taste.  Do not like the dark walls...too much!

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Grade F on execution.

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@dancingwoman.  I wonder how Animas Fork fared after last winter's snows?  I always loved the house with the bay window.

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@Kachina624   Doesn’t look like we’ll be driving up there this year..I just read this from the San Juan National Forest Service site....


as as of August 6th...



“Animas Forks - OPEN through Hurricane and California Gulch. LOTS of snow in California Gulch. Roads are narrow and muddy. The main road to and from Animas Forks (Grouse Gulch), Country Rd 2, is blocked by a large avalanche.”