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Din know what area of the country you live in...if its a winter climate, shutting off water could cause that pipe to burst upon starting again



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You could get that printed film to cover the glass on the sliding doors.  Then, if someone was down there, they could not see what was being stored in your unused shower.  

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Wouldn't try to obscure the stored items. It's no big deal if someone sees that you don't use your spare shower in the basement.

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I have sliding shower doors in one of the bathrooms and I simply hung a shower curtain in front of them to hide all that metal and glass. Looks nice. By the way, that tub is also my storage place for all the toilet paper I bought last year!

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I was reading about privacy film and they do not want you to put it on frosted glass.  So it seems as though a tension rod and a shower curtain is the way I'm going to go as my shower doors are frosted. 


I'll give it a try and if I don't like the look it won't be a waste of too much money.  Also, I'll buy a curtain that will match my other bathroom decor and can use it there at a later date if I don't like the look in the basement bathroom.

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@Bunsnoop  There's your solution! That's what I did and it looks good. My shower doors are frosted/bubbly glass and I wouldn't think of using any film on them. A nice shower curtain and sturdy tension rod will do the trick.

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If you are fortunate enough to have a basement, isn't there an area where you could have some shelving for storage? And yes, my suggestion is to not store household items in a shower or bathtub. I had an aquaintance who used the bathtub in her home to store TP, paper towels, sheets, etc. She had a full basement that she never used. Storage shelving makes a lot of sense if you have the room.