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Re: Sheets - Fleece vs Flannel

Flannel is, IMO, "hard." Fleece is soft.


Flannel lies heavy upon one; fleece is light, but has that lovely cozy feel.


I will never go back to flannetl. Fleece is sublime!

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Re: Sheets - Fleece vs Flannel

Bershire velvet soft sheets are my favorite sheets. I own multiple sets, & I use them year-round. They have a lightweight, "airy" quality, & are so cozy! I tried 1 set of Malden Mills polar fleece, & there's no comparison. They feel heavy, & there not nearly as soft as the Berkshire. Btw, if you put 'Berkshire fleece sheets' in search bar, you'll find them.I like a good flannel sheet, but, for me, nothing compares to the Berkshire because it's warm & cozy without the weight, & never loses that, wash after wash.

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Re: Sheets - Fleece vs Flannel

Flannel for me ,tried polar fleece sheets, too hot for me ,i like cotton flannel.

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Re: Sheets - Fleece vs Flannel

Totally agree:  Berkshire velvet soft for me....100%.  Soft, cozy yet light.  Best all around...try ' will love 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Sheets - Fleece vs Flannel

I have both brands and find them to be excellent. They wash well and last. The Maldin Mills I purchased two years ago and are a bit thicker for the sub zero weather. The Berkshire ones I just purchased this year. They are a bit thinner but not cheap. I purchased them for that very reason. I love the softness of the sheets but I run warm. Both brands "breathe" but I wanted something a bit lighter for me. I don't think you can go wrong with either set and I see  a use for both.


I also have flannel sheets from Northern Nights (years ago). They are still in great shape. Flannel is soft and comfy and breathes. I prefer the flannel from Portugal because it seems to be better than others that I've seen/had. Flannel sheets have more structure to them like a regular cotton sheet. Polar fleece feel more like a throw. ( I think they allow for more "give" if you are a restless sleeper.


If I could only buy one set then here's my ranking: Berkshire, Maldin Mills, flannell

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Re: Sheets - Fleece vs Flannel

@JYWilliams wrote:

Once I tried fleece sheets I got rid of all my flannel sheets.


      Me too!!  I had some old Nothern Nights flannel sheets that were still in good shape, but I gave them away. With fleece, love that I can get into bed and no cold feet!!  Like sleeping on a cloud.....


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Re: Sheets - Fleece vs Flannel

I have both flannel and polar fleece. 


My flannel are older and much better made than anything I see in the market today. They are 100% cotton, and while not as soft and silky as polar fleece, I still like them and there are times I want a natural fiber on my bed. 


The polar fleece are nice, but super lightweight and thin. The seem to provide the warmth though, but I have found they pill/shed for the first couple of usings. Many people use the polar fleece all year, but that doesn't work for us, as we have no air conditioning, and would be like sleeping in a sauna. We switch to 'regular' sheets in the summer for comfort.