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Re: Shame on Dennis Basso & QVC

I've never had any Dennis Basso product that shed, and I've had a LOT of them. 


If  I thought anything was shedding, or might shed, I'd give it a short unheated tumble in the dryer.


Really sorry you were so disappointed.

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Re: Shame on Dennis Basso & QVC

I got a light colored one....I believe it was called snow leopard.  I love shedding at all, and I use it every day to wrap up to watch tv, or cover up on my bed for a nap.  It is a big size, and great weight for my needs.


As others have said, perhaps only certain colors are shedding?

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Re: Shame on Dennis Basso & QVC

@gigy wrote:

This is another negative review for the Dennis Basso TSV Faux Fur Throw they had just before Christmas. I bought this throw for my grandson and really wanted him to have something special andall his own. It arrived to my daughters home just prior to Christmas and she told me that it had shed on everything, literally everything such as the rug in his room, his bedding, his blankets, pillowcase, other clothes and much more. Truly a waste of money and shame on Dennis Basso for putting his name on this cheaply made product. I know there were many reviews about it shedding just after I bought it but I waited to see how it was going to be once I arrived to my daughter's home. Calling customer service and complaining. I realize it was not expensive,  but expensive or not, to my standards,this was garbage.




So .... what was the outcome when you called CS? 

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Re: Shame on Dennis Basso & QVC

I agree with the other posters...I think it must be certain colors..