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Re: Shades of Pink?

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Forgot to add that the stylish Benjamin Moore paint color, "First Light", I think it's called, looks to me like it would be nice, although I haven't seen it in person.  They might have had it as their color of the year or something a few years ago?


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@Icegoddess wrote:

@Homegirl if you still have a small amount of the paint, you can put some on a stir stick, let it dry, and they can reproduce it.  Just make sure it's well stirred.  Or, even if you still have the paint "chip" (the card you pick up from the store), they can duplicate from that too.  I used to do that all the time with grout colors and concrete stain.  


I wish I had thought about that when they put in our new upstairs AC unit because they had to make the size of the ceiling hole bigger.  If I had saved some of that, I could duplicate the ceiling color where I had to have some patching done due to a leak from our upstairs bathroom tub.  I tried, and got close, for a spot in the dining room ceiling, but I can tell it's not quite the same color. 

Hi @Icegoddess 

I used to have some of it, but it was painted 30 years ago and any old paint dried out long ago. About ten years ago, however, I had some of it refreshed, and the painter chipped some of the plaster off the wall, took it to the paint store, and they reproduced it exactly. It was pretty amazing how exact the color was.

I have a lot of experience with paint. Woman Wink

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Kachina, I love the way you describe the wall color in your former houses. I would love that color on my walls and I love turquoise accessories. It must have been very beautiful.

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The bedroom is okay but the rest of it is OMG!  No way would I have a pink sofa, pink walls in my den.  Too feminine and not very attractive.

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I am a pink fanatic, and LOVE each of these pictures! The pink sofa is certainly unusual, but I think that is what appeals to me the most. I would feel comfortable in any of these rooms-especially the bedroom!👍👍



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@Wilma7500   I like number 2 and number4, not the other ones.

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I love pale  shades of pink.  

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@Kachina624 wrote:

For years the living room kitchen, hall and a bedroom in my last two houses have been painted a very pale pink.  My mother liked it so much, she did her house the same.  I find it to be very neutral; at night it almost looks tan.  It's the perfect canvas for the Southwest colors I favor.  Many of my asscessories are turquoise.


Our master bathroom is painted a shade of rose that has a lot of brown/tan in it and it definitely looks like a neutral.  In different lighting it's hard to discern exactly what color it is.

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I only like the 2nd pic...the rest are way too pink for me.

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@Homegirl wrote:

Hi @Wilma7500 

I have pink walls in my living room, but more beige than pink. In fact, the color name is "English Cream" (fell in love with that name oh, so many years ago). Sadly, it's been discontinued for a long time.


What I like very much about the color is the way the light reflects from it onto people and things and makes everything softer and prettier.


ETA: I also love the way paintings are shown off much better than when the walls were off-white. I first saw a similar, but even pinker shade in a friend's home and was struck by how her artwork really stood out against the color. I've recently noticed that some museums choose colored backgrounds instead of shades of white.



Your wall color sounds very lovely.


I never really thought about, but you’re probably right about subtle pink tones casting a better light on everyone and everything in a room. People always say shades of pink in clothing cast a flattering light on our faces so it makes sense.