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Shades of Pink?

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I have never really been a fan of the color pink. Not even when I was a little girl. I love it in fresh flowers and gardens, but otherwise it’s not a color found in my home (or in my clothes). 


It took me quite awhile to find a few pink rooms on the Internet that were ok. I can’t say I love any of these, but they are nice looking. The first one is bolder; the others are more subtle shades. 


What about you? Do you like pink & use it in your home? 







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The first pic might be a little "too pinky" for me but the others are beautiful, IMO. I think I could be comfortable in any of those rooms (excepting the first maybe). Thank you for posting.

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I think the second one would make a lovely young girl's room.  But no to the rest.



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Up until  adulthood I never liked the color pink.  However, over the years I acquired a taste for pink shades.  I don't have any rooms painted pink but would consider it in a spare bedroom or maybe my bathroom.  I prefer the lighter shades of pink.

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For years the living room kitchen, hall and a bedroom in my last two houses have been painted a very pale pink.  My mother liked it so much, she did her house the same.  I find it to be very neutral; at night it almost looks tan.  It's the perfect canvas for the Southwest colors I favor.  Many of my asscessories are turquoise.

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The 1st photo is too Bubblegum Pink for me, but the others are much softer and very pretty! I don't think I would personally do Pink in my home, but it can be a nice soft color to accent with..... 

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I love these rooms. Pink is a beautiful, versatile color. 

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I like the last photo where pink is used as an accent color.

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I'm crazy for the second bedroom photo. To my eye, it's almost a neutral, beige/pink, that's perfect for a more mature woman. It's got me thinking -- I might need to find a match. 

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Photo #2 is very nice- so relaxing in color!


Magenta is my favorite color. I have a few tops/tees in that color. Because I raised 2 sons I am keenly aware of decorating my home "gender neutral", even though it's just me now that they are grown and have their own homes.


I have pink flowers in my entry and LR and of course outdoors but I think that's it.