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Meh... It has a certain appeal, but, for me, whole rooms that are anything remotely shabby-chic passed their sell-by date at least a decade ago... I'm as over them as I am grey, granite, stainless steel and 'farmhouse style'...

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@on the bay wrote:

The shabby chic I remember from Rachel forgot her last name, didn't look like the "shabby chic" today.

This looks more formal and polished and very staged like a showroom.


@on the bay   Rachel Ashwell.

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Have never been a fan of shabby chic, but this is nice. It doesn't have the "chippy paint" or rubbed off finishes often seen on shabby chic furniture redos.


It would be nice for a girly-girl who enjoys pink and easily changed to a bolder color as she grew up! Good basic furniture nicely painted on a shoe-string budget.

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It's very pretty.  I like the the room in general, don't care for the ornate style headboard / foot rest though.

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I wouldn't call this "Shabby Chic".  This rom has too much order.


This is an example of Shabby Chic


Image may contain: table and indoor

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@lolakimono  - I love it, love it, love it.  That was my immediate reaction.


That chenille bedspread is beautiful and looks like very high qualtiy (so maybe not so shabby).  The chest at the foot of the bed and the rug in front of it are perfect.  I'd prefer it, if both lamps matched (like the one on the left better), but other than that - perfect!

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There is a serene feeling for me when looking at this room.  I never liked the color pink when growing up but as an older person, I have grown to love it.  

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Pretty but too feminine and pink for me.
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Love the chest