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I love it. Looks calming to me. I like Chenille bedspreads they remind me of my youth. I also love pink! Doesn’t looked staged to me.
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Doesn't look very "shabby" to me or at least what I think of as "shabby". Looks more like "Pretty in Pink" which it is.

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Never been a fan of PINK, no where, no how, even as a child.

But I can see it working if you do.

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I do not like the chest at the foot of the bed in pink.  It should have matched the side bed tables.  The room is okay.  Rachel A. would have done a better job of decorating.

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A pretty princess bedroom for us adult ladies!     

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That would be cute for a young girl.

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The difference I see between these rooms is in targeted age groups.  The pink one is more for a young girl while the white one is suitable for her mother.


I don't understand the use of the word "staged" in either example.  I just see two clean and nicely appointed bedrooms.  What is "staged" about that?  


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Not a fan of this look and I don't care for pink.
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Oooh, the white one is very pretty. Nice.

Fresh. Simple. Not over the top shabby chic.


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I'd like the chest if it weren't pink.


That's about it.

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