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The shabby chic I remember from Rachel forgot her last name, didn't look like the "shabby chic" today.

This looks more formal and polished and very staged like a showroom.


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Agree, it looks staged and everything in that room looks from the same period. Trying to hard?


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Very pretty. I like it.

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Sooo pretty.

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Nice, soothing shades of pink, but a little too girly-girly for me.

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Its beautiful. Reminds me of my childhood days.

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@lolakimono  Very pretty, especially for a young gir, but it does look staged.  I would have to add another color in there somewhere.  Too much pink for me.

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@lolakimono Makes me feel "in the pink" so I love it.  Would never wake up crabby in this room!

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pretty pastels....not too shabby.