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Serta/Sleep Innovations 12 inch memory foam mattress @ Sam's ?

Does anyone have this mattress. I think I may need a new one and after sitting on a small sample which seemed to havefirm support but softness also, I am interested. I have small of the back trouble and currently with my mattress ( extra firm innerspring) I am having joint pain, at night only. I was wondering how this bed slept and how serviceable it is, sagging etc. I am so very tired of wasting so much money on mattresses that are not good for my body. Mattress buying is so stressful for me, so I tend to keep them too long.


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Re: Serta/Sleep Innovations 12 inch memory foam mattress @ Sam's ?

I have a memory foam mattress that I got from an online site about five years ago. Memory foam mattresses and toppers have been a god-send for me. I have stenosis and arthritis in my back and have had times when I was in such pain on arising, I could hardly walk. They've completely eliminated early morning stiffness and pain. The only problem with the mattress is that it sort of moulds around you and you have trouble turning over or getting up. Sort of like lying in soft sand. I have a firm topper I got from overstock that I like better. Overstock is the only place I've seen that lists the density of their foam. All foam is not created equal. Mine also has a gel coating on one side because some people complain about just the foam being hot.
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