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Not in my backyard!

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My SO sister has a fire pit similar to that one in her back yard.  She claims the wood is Fire Retardant Treated.  Hopefully, the one pictured is.

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It’s very rustic 

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I think it would be nice in the right setting.

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I can picture this in a northern colder climate, wooded region, with perhaps a log cabin type home.  And next to it a hot tub with same split log surrounding that too!

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It's just OK in the right area and setting.....I guess if you get tired of it you can just burn it in the Fire Pit.

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I tend to like rustic, but this just looks unfinished and uncomfortable. I'll pass.

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Fire pits are for city people; first and foremost they want it to be “pretty”.   


Rednecks like me burn brushpiles, and sit on stumps, logs, folding chairs, or the tailgates of our pickup trucks.   We don’t have fire pits.   

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I like the pit & bench but not the fencing.  A nice conversation area on a chilly evening.