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Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar rug to royal palace? I need three runners for kitchen area, I have some royal palace rugs and have been very satisfied with them, but looks as if they are discontinued..Thanks

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Re: Royal Palace rugs

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Without paying $1000+ I've never purchased room size wool rugs as good as Royal Palace. Their quaity for runners and smaller area rugs would be $200+ from some of the better carpet retailers here.  I don't know whether or not the brand has been discontinued on QVC, but summer is not the season when they get air time.  For sure if they don't appear in September-October when QVC is pushing sprucing up the home for the holidays then they are probably gone.  I don't think HSN or Evine have a rug company in their inventory either.  Hopefully you will get some responses, but finding wool runners may be something you have to search for  locally. 

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I am a Royal Palace rug lover and have quite a few of them in all different sizes in my home. I haven't found any  other brand in the local market with that quality and price. I would keep checking on line because they do have a few that pop up there. Usually, I see them around the holiday with rugs. 


I don't know another brand that I would recommend. I've seen that Safavieh brand on QVC and HSN, It looks like the closest you are going to get to RP. Grandin Road has some nice looking ones on line and in the catalogue but I don't own any of them. Hope this helps you. 

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I was in the same situation last year. I needed a runner for my newly remodeled kitchen but could not find any Royal Palace runners when I searched on the Q. I ended up ordering what I thought would be a temporary solution - a Ruggables runner. It is washable and has been a time saver in my kitchen since I no longer struggle to try to remove stains from spills or muddy footprints from my fur kids. The colors of the Ruggable I purchased are not quite as vibrant as I had hoped but I must say, it is a year later and I am still happy with it. I have received several compliments from guests. I ordered mine from QVC but they are also available online.

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Re: Royal Palace rugs

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Try a website called A Touch Of Class either online or mail order catalog they have rug styles similar to Royal Palace rugs........about the same price ranges too...

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I haven't tried Royal Palace rugs so I don't know how these would compare, but I have ordered runners from Ballard Designs and I'm very happy with them. They have sales all of the time so you can get a good discount on high quality rugs. I wish you all the best in your search. 

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Thanks everyone, good suggestions, I will start the search..ha

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Go to

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WHAT.....Royal Palace Rugs discontinued. Another QVC disappointment.

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Ballard Designs

Pier One

Overstock dot com

Grandin Road

Bed Bath and Beyond