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So my friends swear by this..I believe I don't have enough room for this to operate.  I also heard it doesn't work on dark carpeting since its programmed to avoid an area that it might fall.


I saw there were discussions on this and it's been in the market for years, have they improved it?  Is it high maintenance.  Do you still like it?   Too many questions.


HSN has a TSV, Sam's and Costco carry them in their stores.


Any info would be appreciated.

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I have four big, long-haired dogs and spent too much time cleaning the very fussy brushes.  It was easier to just use the Dyson.  John (Hcknynut) was a big fan of the Roombas for a long time.  You might page him.  I never heard anything about them not working on dark carpet.  You can also call iRobot with questions.

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I have two Roombas, an older version that I replaced the battery and another one that looks just like the TS. They go over all our flooring--hardwoods, carpeting, rugs, even the ones with fringe--no problems at all. I love that it goes under my bedroom furniture where I wouldn't with an upright. I feel like it keeps the dust down.

I agree about cleaning the hair out of the bristles. No pets but there's always going to be hair on the floors. Glad it picks everything up but cleaning it properly is my least favorite part. Otherwise, I love my Roombas and wouldn't want to part with them.

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I love my Roomba too!
I clean it every time I use it, it does keep it running better. You  can replace any part  to keep it running,
I love that.
I've replaced brushes, and filters and it's surely better than replacing the whole thing!

I have dark carpeting and it works just fine on it.
The fact that it gets under the bed was a big factor for me.

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cat-on-roomba.gif (320×180)



tumblr_m9vwgufCWs1qzizmho1_250.gif (245×245)



Here Are Some GIFs of Animals Riding On Roombas | Thought Catalog
Here Are Some GIFs of Animals Riding On Roombas | Thought Catalog
In conjunction with your pet(s), it also provides comedic entertainment. Cat Very Happy


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I have a Roomba 800 series I purchased from HSN. His name is  MR CARSON !  


The newer 800 series have textured rubber rollers that are easy to clean, older units have brush rollers that are difficult to clean. 


MR CARSON cleans with no complaints and puts himself back in the charger base.  


I am always amazed how much stuff is in the debris collector along with a lot of cat fur! I clean it out right after Mr. Carson is finished so he is ready to GO! when needed. 


I only use Mr.Carson when I am home to supervise.  The cats are quite wary of Mr.Carson. 


My other personal assistant is  The Echo by Amazon named ALEXA but that is another story for another time!    


Good Luck! 


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Is the HSN TS a good model and price?

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Based on the chart on Amazon on which they compare all the models, I am interested in purchasing the 980.  Does anyone have this model?  Are you happy with it?

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I just purchased the 880 from BB&B yesterday and love it! I really couldn't afford the 980. I always thought I was meticulous at keeping my home clean until I empty the Roomba, wow disgusting. 

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