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With all the snow & ice in my area lately, this space is really attractive to me. I’m looking forward to Spring & warmer weather.  I like the furniture & striped cushions. I love the potted greenery, but I’m not sure about the vines & possible insects above my head. 🥴 I would add a few colorful flowering plants around the patio and/or fresh cut flowers on the table. 



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I like it too but not in that vicinity.

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This is beautiful and serene as is to me. I love that the colors of the Rooftop blend so beautifully with the cityscape...perfect!

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gorgeous......too bad i dont have this type of roof!

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Oh, this would be such a beautiful luxury for a city dweller! Delightful.

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Beautiful and it looks so relaxing!

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Oh my, bring me a glass of lemonade!

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I like it but not around those tall buildings. I would need to have my privacy for a space like that. Calm, quiet and serene.

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It's beautiful w/ beautiful scenery!  Love it!!!

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Those rooftop terraces in NYC give me the creeps.  I'd always have the feeling that 500,000 people in adjacent office buildings and apartments were watching me.  No privacy whatsoever. 

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