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Adore this --- thanks for sharing

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As rooftop spaces go, this one is lovely. Not a height person, however, so I'd probably rarely use it. 

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this would be much loved and used if it was outside of my door.  

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SO very pretty!!!Smiley Happy

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For me, as nice as the space may be (with a few changes) it's not a view I'd welcome, along with the lack of privacy & all the noise of a large city.  Not a calming oasis for me.  I'm sure there are many that love the atmosphere of large cities though.

Thanks for sharing.

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Any place without snow, ice, and cold and that has some sun would look good to me!  

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This is lovely, but as some other posters have said, what about privacy?  Do they make such a thing as privacy screens like windows where you can see out but not in?  Now that would be an answer to privacy!

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I can smell the warm breeze of summer just by looking at this. The view of the city at night would be wonderful.
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What a luxury this would be in a busy city. I love it.

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