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Re: Retro Bath



No can do.

Reminds me of the color scheme throughout the movie “The Shape of Water.”

No awhay!

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Re: Retro Bath

Absolutely, positively no way.  Yuck.  

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Re: Retro Bath

Oh, no,no,no..........

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Re: Retro Bath

Clock is pretty cool.

Never would even think to put a clock in a bathroom though myself.....

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Re: Retro Bath

@Camogirl- LOL.  We've always had a clock in our bathrooms!  I want to be able to keep an eye on the time, when I'm getting ready to go out.


@lolakimono- That second photo you posted makes it an even bigger no for me.  And I'd want more than $25,000 knocked off the price.  That would be a big bathroom to refit.  What's up with that wall covering?  Is it tile?

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Re: Retro Bath

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Back in the 80’s, Dallas had a themed bar called ‘Studebakers’.

Everything was 50’s...and when I saw this bathroom,

I immediately was transported back to that time!


Note the chair:

Also during the 80’a, washroom attendants were a thing in

bars/restaurants. And seeing this photo again reminded

me of Stubaker’s attendant, sitting there, handing out cloth 

towels to all the ladies.  Flashback!

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Re: Retro Bath

The only thing I like about this bathroom is the color.  The rest reminds me of a public restroom at a rest stop except cleaner!

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Re: Retro Bath

I like a little bit of retro in small doses . But for some  reason this looks a little sterile to me. 

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Re: Retro Bath

I like the color, although it's a bit too much & also too much retro.  

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Re: Retro Bath


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