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Replacement Windows - please provide guidance! I appreciate it.

We are looking at replacement windows and doors in 2011. I had the Pella people out yesterday. The Champion people came by today, but just want us to visit their showroom. The Pella people wrote us a quote with the total price. I am confused. This is a major purchase. We want to know if you have dealt with any particular companies that you really liked, did not like, why? Would you recommend one over the other? What did you purchase?

How do you decide? A lot of what they are trying to do is show me the pretty window sample and tell me a price (if I am lucky). A lot want my husband there with me. (How that pisses me off!) Still, the windows are ancient and must be replaced. The front door too. I just want to make a smart purchase. Make my home more energy efficient. Safety, ease of maintenance are important too.

Any tips on how to choose?