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Love the rug, the coordinating blue trim on window treatments, the comfy couches:




I guess Steven Gambrel is the designer whose work I've posted the most here!  Probably because he can take even a stately, cavernous space like the one above, and still make it, in my eyes, liveable and cozy for humans.


Tiny example:  Instead of opting for a coffee table the size of a small island country (which the huge living room might seem to call for),  he puts two normal-size ones sort of catty-corner to each other.  Pleasing, yet practical.


That reclaimed-looking wood above the French doors is so pretty, and brings warmth:




Brass lamp and teal touches in the cheerful kitchen.



I like the way he continues the tiger-lily colored window frames in the breakfast nook.



A snug, intimate, beamed, dining area.  Not in the least fussy or formal.   Love the way the interesting rug works well with, but does not "match",  the chair upholstery.



A library or study, with a blue door!  Love the map over the mantel...



It's neat when bedrooms have high enough ceilings to have hanging lanterns.  One of Gambrel's many talents is mixing warm and cool colors, as he does here.




Eeeek!  Wouldn't want to see myself reflected so many times in early a.m., ha.  But the broken-up mirror effect is pretty, and would bounce the light all around the room....




I like the first bedroom, but LOVE this one below.   Looks so inviting and cozy, with plump bedding, bay windows, easy chairs-- right down to the cute little desk in the corner.  I don't even mind the patterned curtains, since the whole room is otherwise "quiet",  and they fit the old-school mood...




Have seen so many designers take big, "fancy" houses, and do a lot to them, and the result is cold and impersonal, and doesn't really hang together.  Never Steven Gambrel!   He always has a point of view.


In contrast to the Hamptons' estate, here's a wee sampler of other projects he's done.


TINY NEW YORK APARTMENT.  So enveloping and packed with personality:












Even though this historic Zurich kitchen is slightly "scary",  I think it's so atmospheric!   I could see this house in a globe-trotting Bond film...



The sitting room is warm and "salon-like".




Versatile Steven Gambrel!


Even though his mastery of "traditional" is perfection, he punctuates that with little modern grace notes, in a way that seems natural to him.  And in traditional mode, he's never too "frou-frou" either-- there's a little welcome rigor to his work. 

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@Oznell  Wow, thanks for more lovely pics.  I could live in any of these homes!!  Love them all.

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wow...just wow



i 'shopped' and these are the items i want.   haha




huge copper vessel





this counter/cabinet is a thing of beauty






uses for this are endless





nod to glam as it was







this would be fab in my cabin  - massive round - fits 6 easily with extra room.  i would put a large lazy susan in the middle


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I think the room is massive,and could support more substantial pieces of  furniture. I would have gone with the small island coffee table. The scale is off. I would also like to see a wood floor to add contrast.


I can see myself sitting in that breakfast nook, and not only eating, but having coffee, and working on my computer. The area is flooded with light thanks to the well placed windows. 


The dining area is a bit dark, but I am drawn to to it. I think the blue sings, and provides a beautiful harmony. 


Keep in mind @Oznell I don't have the same savvy you have appreciating all the different time periods and styles. I lean to modern . I love clean sleek lines, without clutter. You can see my bias. 

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@Oznell   More and more I am liking the mix of warm and cool. He does a good job of it.  These rooms are all very nice. 

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Love the space and light as well as the decor.   


That said, I assume there's another room in which I'd feel fine to stretch out on the sofa or in a recliner to read. No desire to have that much space at this stage in my life, but I love to look. When I lived on Long Island, house tours in the Hamptons were a summer staple.

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I like his colors and he picks pretty things, but I think sometimes the pieces are too small and delicate for the spaces. To me it makes for a cluttered look.  Too many chairs have lots of delicate legs and arms, and bigger or weightier so to speak bar stools would look better.


Especially in the first room, I would rather see fewer and bigger scale in that room.   A designer once told me I needed a bigger piece in my kitchen to "hold down that end of the room."  I was going smaller, but the one bigger piece was needed and worked wonders--and changed my perspective on scale.


So to me a big grand room needs bigger furniture and less of it.

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I wish I had that talent.  Just wondering - in the library with the blue door - did he recover all the books with a white book cover?

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@Puppy Lips wrote:

I wish I had that talent.  Just wondering - in the library with the blue door - did he recover all the books with a white book cover?

@Puppy Lips  and @Oznell  I have the same question about the books.

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All were stunning but I just loved the "tiny apartment". The beautiful soft pinks of the living room and the soft blue hues of the bedroom were gorgeous.


Thank you for this and all you post Oznell. I love seeing how the other half lives!