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Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

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Interesting, very sky-like.

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Very effective in this room.  Great as long as I don't have to help apply it.

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Re: Patterned Ceiling DR

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The colors in the room are effective in creating a nature-soothing environment....blues/greens/gray.  The ceiling sets the tone with a sky-like blue.  The satellite overhead fixture...not my favorite.  But I do appreciate the calm/soft ambiance.

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Not for me. I do like the DR chairs though.

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Very cool

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It doesn't look like a home dining room to me....more like a conference room in a nice assisted living facility I've visited.  Nice....but doesn't say "home" to me.

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It looks like a design school assignment.  Very one dimensional.

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Don't love but don't mind the furniture. Otherwise, nothing here does much for me, including the pattern up above.

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@lolakimono -

I don't like the pattern in the ceiling, but the room looks nice though not very homelike. I do like that chair-pretty colors.

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