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I like it.

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Even if one likes the individual designs, I'm guessing the view from more of a distance would be somewhat atrocious.

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That’s a “header” waiting to happen....

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My uncle had a designer who did this look in his entry except he used all solid colors. It isn't my taste but it is for others.  

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Would also love to see a picture of the whole room or area, but I understand that there isn’t one. I probably wouldn’t like it anyway. 

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Give me a big old house with steep stairs such as these that aren't used for instance the second stairway in old homes and that would be a perfect place for the patchwork stairs.  I like them if I didn't have to see them as my main staircase.

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Makes me want to 🤮🤮🤮

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At first, I thought this would look cute in a cottage or log cabin with second floors. The rugs are Persian and Middle Eastern tribal designs, so since there are tribal designs, I think it could work. 


This could be cute in the right setting as long as the area around the stairway isn't too busy.  


They are installed in pieces, so those receiving the foot traffic could easily be replaced.  Overall, I think it's a clever use of rugs that might be worn in spots, no longer usable as area rugs.  I like it.