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Re: Part II - This week's project - rearrange my furniture

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I just ordered a new Couch about a week ago and just this one purchase alone has now led to an entire "reinvention" of our living area...which then led to an item which will disappear from our bedroom, to be replaced by an item from our living area...which then led to discovering a few items that have been sitting in our basement area which will now be reintroduced into our living area and foyer area...which then led to starting a donation pile for The Salvation Army...and the beat goes on!...LOL


Our new Couch will not arrive until around the end of March; however, I am so eager to get things going that I called The Salvation Army and have scheduled for them to pick up our current Couch, along with the items that are appearing in the donation pile, a week from Monday...on the 22nd!...Then I will really go Gung Ho!


My husband has no idea of my "reinvention" ideas...just thinks a new Couch will be arriving...I love surprising him!...LOL