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Well, that's just disturbing...

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Why would you emphasize a plain doorway?

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My SIL does this! It is eye opening and seems to make the rooms look bigger. She has grey walls and put a light orange around her arches. 

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I would have chosen a different color but that's the least of the problems with this house (or what we can see of it).  The artwork alone would give me nightmares!

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I like the painted archway (once I finally noticed it.) I like the chandelier. I am not a portraits-of-people as decor person. No comments on the horse and the dolls or figurines are well creepy. No offense I mean I'm not a dolls person at all... see them as Annabelles. All of them.

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I hate everything about that room but I like the way they did the yellow arch.

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The yellow archway is the least disturbing part of this picture. The women’s faces as artwork are not appealing to me at all. I also dislike the chandelier, the dolls, and whatever that thing is inside the glass box. 


I like the horse!