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I know - to each her/his own, but this homeowner has some very strange tastes! (IMO)!

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Sorry not for me.

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Forget the stuff (junk and clutter) inside the rooms. I like the boldness of the painted archway in the all-white walls to seperate the two rooms and provide depth! 

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I’d like to have the rocking horse!

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that must be some kind of gallery.  

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That photo is an absolute horror.  It ruins everything else in the srea.

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I am not a fan of dolls, carousel horses, odd pictures, or bright yellow so it's a definite no for me.

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The only thing I like is the detailed wood carvings on the back wall .... everything else is a NOPE 👎 

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With the possible exception of the ceiling light, in the right setting, there is nothing about this vignette that appeals to me.

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How odd!  NO!