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Re: Paige and Jason's Wedding-Hallmark

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I watched parts of it and it was nice. 


I didn't realize Paige was 43.  She's one of those that could get away with being anywhere from 30 to 50 years old.  The groom seems younger?


He really broke up saying his vows.  And the dance was taking a chance, but I think they pulled it off. 


Have never liked 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' (except for Wizard of Oz), but I really, really liked the way they sang it.


Last year they had a younger couple get married on the show.  All I remember was their theme song was 'Love Shack'.  lol.


I guess the show will be going into hiatus soon.  Last year, Cristina came back looking a little 'refreshed', but she admitted to it openly.


I really enjoy the show.  They used to have a forum on Halmark, but it was full of meanies.  I could never sign up for the site though, I kept getting error messages.  They've taken it down since.  I would've loved to have posted on it. 


I really am a H&F groupie.