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I am looking for 'something' holiday/Christmas/winter to leave outdoor on a small concrete bench in my landscape that is lighted.  That area does not get a lot of sun, if it did I would put solar lights in that area to illuminate the tree, or what ever I end up with.


I have looked at trees, I would need no taller than 2.5' tall. I would be putting the tree inside a planter for additional height and use some bricks to weigh it down for wind during the winter.


What I looked at was battery operated, which does not give off a bright light or I could plug in but was trying to avoid running a cord across the front porch...but will if that is what I have to do.


Can anyone offer other suggestions. other than a tree, that gives off decent light? I stopped at my landscape center last week but they did not offer anything.


I want something that makes a statement but the size cannot be very big.  Any suggestions welcome, thanks!



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What came to my mind is Balsam Hill.   They have  a lot of lighted outdoor decor.  Of course this company is pricey but I have one of their Christmas trees and a few seasonal wreaths.  They are of the utmost quality and have lasted for years.

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@LindaSal   Thanks, I will take a look.  Usually I don't decorate outside, midwest winters and things just don't stay put but I have new landscaping this year and have a perfect spot for 'something'.

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Big Lots has Christmas "lighted" decorations

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hmm - Maybe instead of a tree in a pot, a statue. Not sure how much wind you get but you might not have to weigh it down if it's heavy enough. I'm picturing a bird or woodland animal or an angel. You could then aim a spotlight on it from a distance. Check Lowes online for ideas/options/prices. hth

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You're in the Midwest?  Have you checked Lowe's Menards or Home Depot.


Online Zulily has a lot of nice idea's, search Plow and Hearth

cute puppy with a lighted butterfly on his nose (solar)




Plow and Hearth directly, great idea's for a bench.




You'll know it when you see it that will be the perfect piece.

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Look at Sam's Club......

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Most solar items sold lately do not require sunlight but just light.  I have solar lights and they may not get direct sunlight for several days.  Light is sufficient. 


Try a solar item in that area and check it out.  Works for me.

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LTD Commodities has a ton.


Grandin Road

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I have been looking on line at the suggestions.  I have found some really nice things.  Thank you