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@Krimpette wrote:

Looks like the sun bleached out the upper steps.  I'd be replacing the carpeting at that point.


Exactly my thoughts. Don’t like the look at all. 

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Ombre usually goes from light to dark, and this seems to change colors.  Looks like shabby chic, old, outdated and like you made do with scraps.  Which is ok if that's what you have to do.

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@Peaches McPhee wrote:

Love the idea, but the execution not so much. At least these examples.

That was exactly my thought. 

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If it was the same color throughout I would like it a lot.  But the color change doesn't appeal.  I do love the wood look.

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nope,not my style at all.

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Its a mishmash of stuff thrown together....dont like anything about it.....

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I prefer the oak architectural fretwork and paneling...just gorgeous!