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Wow!  Great acoustics in that place. It was redone with a lot of spirit. 🤣🤣 It’s gorgeous. 

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It's absolutely beautiful and those windows are stunning.  However, even though I like to see buildings renovated I've never been a fan of a former church used as a home.  It still feels like a church to me.

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NOPE .... once a church always a church ... it reminds me of a place that bats 🦇 will fly around in the evening... too spooky for me 🦇🦇

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Those windows are gorgeous.


It's a little dark though - it might just be the lighting in the photograph.

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I love this!


The church I attend was built in 1865...I have frequently imagined it as a house.

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Re: Old church, new home...

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There was one (don't know if it is still there) in Norman, Oklahoma, just across the street a little from the Univ. of Oklahoma campus and we would sometimes go by it on the way to a football game.  


The lady called it the "Chouse" and it was sometimes open to the public.  To me a church is not just a building; it is anywhere God's people gather; and it is anywhere on earth where one is in communication with God. 

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An impressive space and while not decorated entirely as I would do it, it's appealing. That said, I'm not sure I'd ever be comfortable living in a former church, especially one as ecclesiastical in flavor as is this one. Perhaps an old converted country church with fewer religious trapping, but even them I'm not so sure.

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Really COOL!