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It looks like the chandelier has dust and cobwebs hanging off it.

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Wow!  I love everything about this room and wish I could see other rooms that were renovated.  Absolutely gorgeous.

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I find it sad that its original purpose became irrelevant, for whatever reason.

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I would get depressed very quickly living there.  It is too dark and there are no vibrant or beautiful colors.

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A very classy and warm setting. Although I do like the windows to some extent, I prefer them to stay in churches won't opt it for my own house.

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Nice to look at, but I could never live there.  Too dark.  It still looks like a church.  I would have painted those walls an off white.

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IT's too dark for me but I've always wanted to repurpose a small schoolhouse or chapel to live in.

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Dark and creepy which is sad to say for a former church. No.