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Even though it is beautiful, A Church to me is always a church, and I can't imagine living there....It would just be tooweird to me.

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To all who were concerned about the creepy factor; I kind of agree.  

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It's beautiful, but I don't think I would want to live there.
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I agree with those posters who feel a church is a church and not meant to be turned into a home.  I do know of one church which was sold and is a museum or art studio, sorry I am not sure as I read about it awhile ago.  However, I can imagine a church being one of those places rather than a home. It may not make sense but it works for me.

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Love it.

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It’s beautiful.

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An absolute WOW on this one....magnificent!

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I was expecting to love it. But it’s a little dreary for me. 

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I like the decor but I would want clear windows to I could see outside.

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Imagine the heating and AC bills for that high uninsulated ceiling. I've seen Churches I'd rather consider that might be affordable; this doesn't appear to be on the list. Need sunlight streaming in to help with the heating bills!