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I like it

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I like it! Except for the candelabra. And the white door. And the floor.  

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I am shocked that I like just about everything but the ceiling color. I hate that. I like old wood floors. I don't like shiny wood on floors...I think they look cheap.

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too dark & wouldn't even want to walk in the room.

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Love the floors & Brown stained doors but the purple should remain an eyeshadow color only! 😜

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What a way to ruin a beautiful old room. Horrible colors.  The table and chairs with "bamboo?" are ugly, too.  

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  Don't like anything in this room except for the woodwork and doors.

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I just don't care for the bold color on the walls with the sky high ceilings. Not a fan of the floors either, they need to be refinished.

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@Camogirl wrote:

THAT is an OMG NO! That is quite the color combo!

(Love the floor though.)


@Camogirl  - I had to laugh, when I read your post, because my immediate response to that photo was "OMG, NO!"


Who would do that to such a beautiful, old-style room?  That hideous color on the ceiling and the antique gold on that ceiling rose and the coving?  No, no and a thousand times, NO.