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@lolakimono , I like it but could not live with it.

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I like it....not my favorite, but I like it.  The colors are everything in this room.

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THAT is an OMG NO! That is quite the color combo!

(Love the floor though.)


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The very definition of F U G L Y!   

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Too dark.  I don't care for the color combo.

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the Grinch meets the Munsters

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Don’t care for this at all.....especially the colors on the walls.  

And the floor.....All I can see is splinters in bare feet....

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The colors are all right, but not together. The floors need refinishing. The furniture isn't bad but those candleabra are overkill in what appears to be an otherwise spartan room. Strikes me as somebody trying to be chic and not quite getting it right.

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At least its clean.  Woman Frustrated